About PilingPlaza

Who we are

PilingPlaza is a cooperation between Hera Hammers and Dutch Foundation Support, founded in 2013 as a marketplace for companies from all over the world. Our goal is to assist you in buying, renting and selling a wide variety of products.

What we do

We buy and sell all kinds of piling and foundation equipment: hydraulic hammers, diesel pile hammers, cranes, drilling rigs and everything in between. Furthermore, we also function as an intermediary to help you acquire the product you need.

How we’ll help you

Contact us if you’re interested in a product on or even off PilingPlaza: where needed, we’ll try our best to find it and we’ll ensure that you get the best deal. The same applies when you’re selling through PilingPlaza.

Featured Products

We sell a wide variety of piling and foundation equipment: hydraulic and diesel pile drivers, cranes, drilling machines etc. Below you’ll find a selection of the products currently in our assortment.

Contact us


PilingPlaza BV
2e Havenstraat 6
1976CE IJmuiden
The Netherlands

Telephone number

+31 (0) 255 531 844